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Even if you earn just $35,000/year, you will lose up to $673.07 each WEEK you're without a job! Our expert writing service has statistically PROVEN its ability to win jobs for our clients FASTER than the National average! 



With every resume, we also send our customers a FREE informational sheet detailing how to make a positive impression at job interviews AND an e-manual on how to successfully promote yourself in today's rapidly-changing job market!!!


Professional Resume and Cover Letter Writing In Less Than standard days Business Days!

       Should your resume contain an "Objective," a "Summary of Qualifications," or BOTH? Is a good resume supposed to be 1 full page, 2 pages, or MORE? Which format best serves your level of experience -- functional or chronological? By now, you've probably read plenty of information online and in books... advising you to handle each of these questions in all sorts of conflicting ways!  So which resource is CORRECT?... Who truly knows how to write a resume by "the rules?" The FACT is, there is NO "exact" method for "properly" writing a resume. Recruiters do not screen resumes in a manner similar to the way that teachers screen term papers. They are not looking for adherence to style, format, or some mysterious set of instructions. Instead, they run their eyes quickly over resumes as though the text was a series of magazine advertisements --catching a few words here and there--..and locking in only on those few that capture their attention. Whether or not the writer of that resume followed "the style" described on some web site or in some textbook is almost NEVER on their minds!   Take it from us! Take it from people who have worked in human resource departments REVIEWING applications and who have already written thousands of successful resumes for clients from around the world: To be competitive, you NEED the help of a firm who can transform your resume into a bonafide "marketing" document.

  Remember: Impressive technical writing skills are NOT enough to create a letter-perfect resume for YOURSELF. The most important experience a professional resume writer can have is one that has provided them with a background in hiring and recruiting! It is only those writers who have also sat on the 'other side of the desk' -- those who have reviewed thousands of resume submissions over many years... who are best suited to WRITE an appealing eye-catching resume for third parties. While other resume writing "services" can offer only technical writers or wordsmiths who failed in other careers, Resume-Perfection.Com proudly provides our clients with the experience of key contributors who have already RETIRED from lucrative positions as executives, human resource managers, and recruiters -- Individuals contributing their time to help others avoid critical mistakes THEY remember when THEY were the ones "doing the hiring." So don't leave it up to YOU to write your own story. Are you really disciplined enough to know what to leave on the proverbial 'cutting room floor?' Few of us ever do! Leave the resume writing to us -- YOU go to work after our work is done!  


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We are so confident in our own work that we GUARANTEE job interviews! If you send out the resume we create and still don't get called to any interviews within 30 days, we'll REVISE our work at NO additional charge!


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