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Not Just Resumes!
With every resume, we also send our customers a FREE informational sheet detailing how to make a positive impression at job interviews AND an e-manual on how to successfully promote yourself in today's rapidly-changing job market!!!


Tax Breaks!

Resume services are usually TAX-deductible so approximately 20-30% of any money spent here will most likely be directly or indirectly "returned" to you when you do your taxes!


Our Professional Resume Services

Resume-Perfection.Com is a full-service resume writing & editing firm. Listed below are just a few of the many services we offer to clients worldwide.  To order any of these services, simply check the appropriate box(es) on our order form. We look forward to assisting YOU!

  • Resume Writing, Editing, & PERFECTING - Our team of contracted technical writers has YEARS of experience transforming client backgrounds into letter-perfect, high-quality resumes. Regardless of whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned executive, we CAN turn YOUR credentials into an eye-catching document designed to outdo those competing with you for that 'perfect job!'

  • Cover Letter Customization - The letter you send along with your resume usually represents the FIRST [and, sometimes, the LAST] impression you'll get to make! Many recruiters will run their eyes over a cover letter and then SKIP the applicant's resume if that 'top sheet' fails to impress them. At Resume-Perfection.Com, we take cover letter customization VERY seriously and work hard to create eye-catching documents that appeal to the reader and encourage them to give the accompanying resume a thorough look over.

  • Follow Up / Thank You Letter Creation - When you need a new job, every little bit helps! Sending interviewers a follow-up or "thank you" letter is statistically known to increase your chances of getting called back in for a second interview...OR EVEN FOR A JOB! When it comes to the creation of compelling follow-up letters, NO ONE can outdo Resume-Perfection.Com's price or QUALITY!

  • Job Research & Professional Career Coaching - Sometimes having the right tools is not enough if you don't know what to do with them! Not only does Resume-Perfection.Com provide every client with free notes, write-ups, and tutorials on marketing their resumes & surviving interviews, we also proudly feature our ultimate "JOB HUNTER" package which includes 30 names and addresses of companies in YOUR area to which WE recommend sending your new resume! Increase your chances even more by selecting the "Career Coaching" option on our order form to have a certified coach spend more than 1/2 hour getting your job-winning skills in shape via telephone!


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Save Money!

Even if you earn $35,000/year, each WEEK you are without a job costs you $673.07 !
For only $119, it's worth it to have your resume PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN to MINIMIZE the number of WEEKS your pay is reduced or entirely absent! Resume-Perfection.Com has a PROVEN track record for REDUCING the number of weeks it takes to find employment!

Interviews... GUARANTEED!

We are so confident in our own work that we GUARANTEE job interviews! If you send out the resume we create and still don't get called to any interviews within 30 days, we'll REVISE our work at NO additional charge!


1997-. All graphics & text herein are either owned or licensed by Resume-Perfection.Com. Resumes created by Resume-Perfection.Com and our contracted technical writers will be revised after 30 days at no additional charge to our customers if they do not result in calls for job interviews. Charges for orders placed via this web site are handled via a secure/SSL server. Resume-Perfection.Com's prices are quoted in U.S. dollars but our services ARE available WORLDWIDE...