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Resume services are usually TAX-deductible so approximately 20-30% of any money spent here will most likely be directly or indirectly "returned" to you when you do your taxes!


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  Below are just a few recent examples of resumes we've written to accommodate the diverse needs of our clientele. Click any of these links to view our samples in separate, "pop-up" windows. NOTE: Each document was originally formatted for viewing/editing in MS WORD/WINDOWS. If you experience any technical difficulties opening [or viewing] these resumes, please e-mail us for assistance.

Resume Example # 1 - A general resume for an individual with a typical level of professional experience.
JPG/Formatted Version | .DOC (WORD) Version

Resume Example # 2 - Designed for someone making a significant career change.
JPG/Formatted Version | .DOC (WORD) Version

Resume Example # 3 - Created to help a recent graduate who had virtually NO experience.
JPG/Formatted Version | .DOC (WORD) Version

Resume Example # 4 - Written on behalf of a high-level I.T. executive with substantial experience.
JPG/Formatted Version | .DOC (WORD) Version

Resume Example # 5 -  Standard resume for someone of limited professional experience -- transformed into a document that legitimately makes them appear to be more qualified than they had originally presented themselves.
JPG/Formatted Version | .DOC (WORD) Version

REMEMBER: No two resumes, situations, or backgrounds are alike! Therefore, reviewing these 5 examples still might not provide an accurate idea of just how EXCEPTIONALLY WELL our team CAN transform YOUR work history into a letter-perfect, job-getting resume. If you're skeptical and would like a FREE PREVIEW of what we CAN do with YOUR existing resume, e-mail it to us and we'll send you a quick review
within 2 business days!


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