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Not Just Resumes!
With every resume, we also send our customers a FREE informational sheet detailing how to make a positive impression at job interviews AND an e-manual on how to successfully promote yourself in today's rapidly-changing job market!!! These are just two of the many things that make working with our firm so UNIQUELY HELPFUL!!!

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What is the average turnaround time?
   Standard service is advertised as 2-3 business days but we usually are able to complete most resumes within just 1-2 days! If you need to receive our work even faster, please select the
"RUSH" option on our order form to ENSURE fast completion.

What if, for some unlikely reason, I find the resume I receive to be less than perfect?
We'll revise it until it IS perfect - -at no additional cost to you! If you find that we have failed to impress you, send us an e-mail letting us know what you feel needs to be improved and we'll do it! As long as you aren't adding NEW information to your revision request [i.e. "I forgot to tell you that I also worked at _____"], there will be no extra charge!

What method will you use to send the resume to me?
  Most of our customers opt to receive our work via e-mail. We normally send resumes as standard Microsoft Word ".doc" attachments -- viewable with almost any common word processing software. At your option, we can also send "hard" copies of your new resume via "snail" mail.

If I choose to receive the resume via e-mail, will I be able to edit the file you send to me ?
Yes! We do NOT send "read-only" files like some of our "competitors" do. You will be able to OPEN the file we send to you AND edit it with your computer's word processing software. Of course, we doubt you'll find any need or reason to edit ANY of our high quality work!

What if I hardly have any experience? What if I'm making a major career change? What if I've been at home for many years and am now finally returning to the workforce? What if.... ?
As unique as each of our clients are, there is virtually no situation you can present that we have not already dealt with successfully MANY times. We actually enjoy challenges and are EXPERTS at handling career changes, timeline gaps, and other perceived "resume problems!" Let us show YOU how our carefully-created resumes help to DISSOLVE any negative issues in your employment record.

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We are so confident in the quality of our work that we GUARANTEE job interviews! If you send out the resume we create and still don't get called to any interviews within 30 days, we'll REVISE our work at NO additional charge!

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